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Roof Construction


1) it starts with 15 minute phone call. we talk about what you would like to have done, look at our current lead time, and discuss potential budget ranges. once we know we will be a good fit for your project, we schedule a site walk. 

2) The site walk takes around 1 hour, and it's a good idea for all of the decision makers to be present. We discuss the project in further detail, talk about the big budget factors and offer our opinions on design direction. 

3) one week after the site walk we will respond with a budgeting sheet. This is a high level budgeting menu that lays out realistic budget ranges for the work we discussed, design fees, and a narrative description of the project.


1) Once we pull the trigger, things start moving fast.

on interior remodels we draw up a 3d model to start going over layout options.

on projects with structural change and new structures, we put together a preliminary design and conduct feasibility meetings with key subcontractors and the building dept. 

2) once we have settled on a layout and have the preliminary go ahead from the building dept. we move into specifying all of the details. from final cabinetry drawings, to surfaces and color selections, We guide you through selecting everything before signing a construction contract. 

3) along with the selections, we coordinate the structural engineering, permitting prep and perform site walks with key subcontractors to lock in accurate pricing. 


1) now the fun can start.

with a completed design, we schedule a handoff meeting with the production team. a pre-construction meeting is scheduled onsite for the week before kickoff. ​

2) on Day 1, protection is the name of the game. existing surfaces are covered, dust barriers are installed and sealed and the floors in any traffic areas get protected.

during construction, the design team makes weekly check-ins onsite, and your project manager keeps you up to date with daily progress reports and scheduling changes. 


during the final week, your project manager schedules a walk through to go over any punch list items, and the team ticks all the boxes. 

3) move into your new space! 



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